Student-Athlete Exit Survey

There are no foreseen risks associated with this study. The survey should take you approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. If you encounter any concerns about your rights as a participant in this survey or any complaints you wish to make about it, you may contact Scott Giles, Athletic Director at 714-992-7477 or
What is your gender?
Are you of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?
What is your race/ethnicity?
Select all that apply.
In what way did you start attending Fullerton College?
Please choose one.
Answer in the form of the semester name and the year (example - Fall 2013, Spring 2015, etc.) for all that apply.
If so, what type of scholarship?
(for example - All-State, All-Conference, MVP, Academic Awards, etc.)
If you were being recruited today, would you choose to attend this institution again?
Would you encourage other student-athletes to attend Fullerton College?
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