Information for Prospective Student Athletes

Thank you for your interest in attending Fullerton College as a student athlete. Fullerton College provides a complete support system for all athletes that includes: athletic advising, athletic trainers, two equipment managers, tutoring program, study tables, and complete indoor and outdoor facilities. Training and conditioning are possible year-round. Fullerton College prides itself on having quality offerings that will challenge your skills, be active and responsive to your academic needs, and prepare you for the next level of transferring to a four-year institution.

Located in North Orange County, Fullerton is just miles away from such attractions as Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Angels Stadium, and the Pacific Ocean. Fullerton is also less than an hour south of Los Angeles. 

If you would like more information about FC Athletics, feel free to contact Athletic Director Scott Giles 714-992-7477 or at You can also use our Staff Directory to find contact information for any member of our coaching staff. Also you may go to each sports' individual website (links located on the upper left hand side of this page under "Sports") to learn more about the each team.

If you would like to receive more information about a specific athletic program, please use the following questionnaire.

Prospective Student Athlete Forms

Applying for Fullerton College and registering for classes is an easy online process. Begin by filling out the Application for Admission online.  See the 8-Step Guide for Enrollment Success with the link below.

8 Steps to Registration & Enrolling as a new student at Fullerton College

As a member of the CCCAA, Fullerton College is not allowed to give athletic scholarships. Financial Aid is available to all students who qualify. Please see the link below to learn How to Apply for Financial Aid at Fullerton College.

Information About Financial Aid at Fullerton College


Regarding student eligibility, each student who participates in athletics must be continuously and actively enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit units at his/her college during the season of participation.

Once a student participates in athletics, he/she must maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in course work attempted for credit.

In order to be eligible for a second season of a sport, the student must complete and pass 24 semester- or 36 quarter-units prior to his/her participation in that sport.

The student, after academic advisement, must have an individual Education Plan on file in order to be eligible for competition.

Out of State Athletes

The staff at Fullerton College is excited about your interest in our program. Our coaches are committed to our student-athletes and work hard to help them achieve their individual goals and those of the program.

Any prospective student-athlete not living within the state of California desiring information regarding athletic participation at Fullerton College is required to first make contact with a representative of Fullerton College either in writing, electronically, or by telephone.

The CCCAA Constitution ByLaw 2 prohibits any California Community College from paying for any expenses of attendance, including paying for "tuition, fees, housing, meals, books,"etc. (CCCAA ByLaw 2.11.2.B). All prospective student athletes need to know the financial costs associated with attending FC.

Fill out the Recruitment Form and submit it to Fullerton College. Add video links via Hudl, YouTube, or other social media. Also, add your name, position, jersey color & number, and what high school you attended.

Apply for Financial Aid online

This is information you must know if you are interested in you joining our team. It is designed to help you better understand the necessary paperwork and costs in moving to the Fullerton, California area and attending classes at Fullerton College. During the season, you are required by NCAA rules to be enrolled in at least 12 units/credits and 9 of those must be from academic courses. 

Information on Financial Aid

Please go to Financial Aid

Information On Establishing California Residency

Please go to Admissions and Records

Out of State Prospective Student Athlete Checklist Check off

1. _____ Apply to Fullerton College for the semester you wish to attend. (Application Sheet- print it out from website and send)

2. _____ If you think you may qualify for financial aid or want student loans, you must complete FAFSA. Our school code is 001201.  Go to to apply online.

3. _____ If a true freshman, need letter on high school letterhead from your counselor stating you are in good standing and on track to graduate. Or have a copy of diploma. Have your transcripts sent to Fullerton College Admissions & Records Office.

4. _____ If you have previous work from another college or university please have your academic transcripts sent to the Admissions & Records Office at Fullerton College.

When you get to Fullerton College:

5. _____ Access and watch the Online Fullerton College Orientation.

6. _____ Make an appointment to do you Student Education Plan (SEP) ASAP. Call (714) 992-7515 Tell the secretary that you need to make an appointment with an academic counselor to make your SEP. Then give completed copy to one of the appropriate coaches (When you get here).