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The Fullerton Hornets took on the Cypress Chargers on Wednesday evening. FC entered the match 8-3 in conference play with Cypress sitting right behind them at 7-4.

Set 1 opened with the Chargers going up 7-2. Then a switch was flipped and the Hornets came barreling back to take the set 25-22, opening up what would be an extremely back and forth night for both teams.

The second set had a similar feel to it with Fullerton going down 10-3 before once again coming back to make the set more interesting than Cypress would have hoped. Only this time the Hornets dug themselves too deep of a hole for them to complete the comeback, as they would fight to tie it at 21-21 but ultimately drop the set 26-24.

Set 3 was once again a close, hard fought battle between both teams. They tied at 17-17, until the Chargers managed to create a gap and edge out Fullerton 25-20, taking a 2-1 lead.

The only truly lopsided set of the match came in set 4. A fire was lit under the Hornets, and they rode it to a dominant set win. They would go on to win the game 25-11 and tying the match at 2 sets a piece.

The fifth and final set was unfortunately where things unraveled for Fullerton. They went down early, and did not have enough time to mount another comeback losing 15-7.

FC would drop the match in 5 sets, moving them to 8-4 in conference play and into a tie with the Chargers for third place.

Kill Leaders
Saylor Frew (19)
Faith Webb (15)
Samaria Longstreet (12)
Mackenzie Kjenstad (11)

Assist Leaders
Chloe Johnson (39)
Karen Delgadillo (11)

Dig Leaders
Saylor Frew (18)
Priscilla Gutierrez (14)
Chloe Johnson (14)
Hannah Tobin (13)
Faith Webb (10)

Up Next: The Hornets will host Riverside (5-8 Conf.) on Friday, November 8th at 6:00pm. Fullerton will have two more home games before finishing their season on the road at Golden West and Santa Ana.

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