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Two Hornet sophomores in Cassidy Neyenhuis and Brian Grande competed at the Cross Country State Championships at Fresno's Woodward Park last Saturday and finsihed with their best times.
The weather was crisp and the sun was shining as 160 runners stood at the line waiting to run the 5K course.  
Cassidy got out with the pack and ran her first mile under control and went to work with the second mile with the rolling hills.  
"The hills were challenging but nothing I couldn't handle. It helped having my teammates support throughout the course and encouraging me", said Nyenhuis.
Neyenhuis passed the line as the 78th runner with her best time of 20:31 for the season.
Brian Grande began his race with a great start and stuck to the race plan and cruised during the first mile.  He had two loops of hills to complete for his second and third miles and  able to keep his pace and use the downhills to pass other runners
"I felt good after the hills and passed about 15 runners in the back stretch. The crowd and my teammates carried me through the last half mile which made it easie", replied Grande.
Brian ran tor the finish line with confidence that he put down his best race of 21:31 and 51st out of 175 runners. 
Both athletes accomplished what they set out to do at this race with the help of their teammates preparing them with all of their support.  Mission accomplished and the end of the 2017 season.

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