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Registration Information (714) 905-5162
Tutoring Center (714) 992-7151


The commitment to academics is paramount at Fullerton College. Student-athletes are provided a wealth of academic and learning resources at the Academic Support Center and the Cadena/Transfer Center. But student-athletes are provided individualized assistance as well. Athletic Academic Counselors Kelli Lyons, Nadia Lopez, and Nancy Ruano meet with student-athletes each semester to discuss educational objectives and progress.

Priority registration for student-athletes helps ensure that transferrable classes are always available. Student-athletes are also kept up to date with athletic eligibility requirements and transfer regulations. In addition, each student's eligibility is closely monitored to ensure that no student-athlete's future eligibility is jeopardized. Simply put, academic integrity is not compromised at Fullerton College.


Regarding student eligibility, each student who participates in athletics must be continuously and actively enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit units at his/her college during the season of participation.Once a student participates in athletics, he/she must maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in course work attempted for credit.In order to be eligible for a second season of a sport, the student must complete and pass 24 semester- or 36 quarter-units prior to his/her participation in that sport.The student, after academic advisement, must have an individual Education Plan on file in order to be eligible for competition.