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The Fullerton College Physical Education and Athletic Department would like to honor all of our Hornet student athletes who graduated this year despite facing the overwhelming challenges of COVID-19 shutdown.

"We are very proud of our student-athletes who persevered through this challenging time, while striving to be their best academically. I personally want to congratulate each and every one of you for your hard work, on and off the playing field, during your time here at Fullerton College. Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet", FC Dean of Physical Education Dr. David Grossman.

Below is a list of Fullerton College student-athletes who persevered through the pandemic to complete their academic and athletic journey. A special thanks goes out to Leslie Livelo for all of her help in putting the list together.

*Earned Multiple Degrees

$Student of Distinction

*Accordino, Anthony - Baseball         

*Adler, Michael - Football          

*Alkoraishi, Alexander - M. Water Polo           

*Anaya Flores, Juan - M. Cross Country, M. Track and Field

Argott, William - M. Water Polo           

Ariunbold, Amarbat - M. Soccer       

Atkinson, James - M. Water Polo           

Avinger, Winthrop - Football                      

Baer, David - Baseball                     

*Barnes, Amanda - W. Water Polo-W, W. Swim  

$Basurto, Kaelah - W. Soccer       

*Belfort Manzano, Thiago - M. Tennis                   

Bonner , Harrison - M. Basketball             

Borza, Celeste - Softball                       

Calderon, Michael - M. Soccer                   

*Cardenas, Natalie - W. Basketball             

Cardoso, Ricardo - M. Cross Country, M. Track and Field

Castillo , Alejandro - M. Soccer                   

*Chamberlin, Evan - Baseball                     

Chi, Hannah - W. Golf                       

Commerford, Trevor - Baseball                     

Duran, Samantha - W. Soccer                   

Elston  Tawon - M. Basketball             

*Escolano, Luis - Baseball                     

Esparza, Carlos - M. Soccer                   

*Espinoza, Erika - Softball                       

*Esquivel Ontiveros, Jesse - M. Track and Field                 

Ewens, Nolan - Baseball                     

Eyman, Jacob - M. Basketball             

Fonseca, Alec - Football                      

Fraser, James - Baseball                     

Frew, Saylor - W. Volleyball, W. Beach Volleyball

Garcia  Maxwell - M. Soccer                   

Garza   Veronica - Softball                       

Gause, Ethan -  M. Water Polo           

Glover, Christon - Football                      

*Go, Brandon - M. Tennis       

*Gonzalez, Deanna - Softball                       

*Gonzalez, Joseph - Football                      

*Gonzalez, Natalie - Softball                       

Goodbeau, Jacqueline - W. Cross Country, W. Track and Field

Grande, Brian - M. Cross Country, M. Track and Field            

Griffin, Teirron - Football                      

*Guerrero Garzon, Hillary - W. Swim         

Hearn, Blake - Baseball                     

*Hernandez, Annelise - W. Water Polo, W. Swim

*Hernandez, Clarissa - Softball                       

*Hernandez, Daniela - W. Cross Country       

Herrin, Jonathan - Football                      

Hogan, Tyler - Football                      

Houston, Darrel - M. Basketball 

*Howlin, Devin - M. Basketball             

Ippolito, Kayla - W. Soccer                   

Kim, James - M. Track and Field                 

Labib, Monica - W. Tennis       

*Licea, Raquel - W. Basketball, Softball, W. Swim

*Lilavois, Khloe - Softball

*Limon, Steven - Baseball                     

Longstreet, Samaria - W. Volleyball, W. Beach Volleyball

Lopez, Darrian - Baseball                     

Lopez, Grace - W. Volleyball              

*Lopez, Jessica - Softball                       

*Lozano, Edson - M. Soccer                   

Luft, Lucas - Football                      

Manunrung, Lili Yann - W. Golf                       

*Mataia, Kimberly - W. Track and Field

*Mcguire, Caitlin - W. Swim                     

*Mcteggart, William - M. Track and Field                 

*Moreno, Lillian - W. Tennis                   

Morrow, Josiah - Football                      

Moss, Glenn - Baseball                     

*Munoz, Michelle - W. Water Polo           

*Muro, Emily - Softball                       

Navarrete, Austin - M. Water Polo           

*Nelson, Talon - M. Water Polo           

*Nelson, Tyffenye - W. Lacrosse                

Nguyen, Anton - M. Volleyball              

Noble, Michael - Football                      

Nolan, Bryan - M. Water Polo           

Ochoa, Audrey - W. Soccer                   

*Parente, Jonathan - Baseball                     

*Pendley, Taylor - Baseball

Perez, Daniela - W. Soccer                   

Perez, Miranda - W. Soccer                   

*Polo, Marco - M. Soccer                   

Quirarte, Jessica - W. Basketball             

Raichel , Alexis - W. Water Polo           

Ramos, Shyleen - W. Basketball, W. Cross Country, W. Track and Field

*Rangel Lara, Edwin - M. Soccer                   

Rengifo, Sarah - Softball                       

Reyes, Jaylene - Spirit Squad                

Rison, Hunter - Football                      

Rojas Plata, Jorge - Football                      

*Rosas, Amanda - Spirit Squad                

Salas, Katie - W. Basketball             

Sanchez, Daniel - Football                      

Sanchez  Molina, Regina - W. Soccer                   

Sanford, Dustin - Football                      

*Serna Garcia, Catherine - W. Volleyball, W. Beach Volleyball    

Serrano, Moriah - W. Basketball             

Smith, Omajae - M. Basketball             

Smith, Sirrah -  Football                      

Sowder, Zachary - Softball                       

*Stangl, Katherine - W. Soccer                   

Stevens, Joshua - M. Track and Field     

Tabbasam, Umbrine - W. Basketball 

Thomas, Koi - Football                      

Torres, Rene - Football                      

Tuttle, Jordan - W. Basketball 

Unland, Wendy - W. Water Polo, W. Swim       

*Van, Uyen - W. Tennis                   

Velasquez, Ronald - Football                      

Walker, Christopher - M. Swim                     

West, Shenise - W. Basketball             

*Williams, Hunter - Softball                       

Worrall, Matthew - M. Cross Country, M. Track and Field


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