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At the beginning of the season, athletes are asked to provide proof of primary insurance, if applicable. A copy (front and back) of the card may be requested at any time. In addition, athletes are required to fill out their insurance information on Sportsware (our online database and injury tracking software).

All athletes are covered under the Fullerton College’s Student & Athletic Accident insurance policy.  The policy is a secondary policy so if the athlete has primary insurance those insurance benefits will be billed first and exhausted before the secondary will make any payments. In addition, it covers only injuries and illness which occur during organized practice, competition and individual workouts during traditional season. Non-traditional season injuries will be referred to Health Services.

If an athlete requires medical attention the injury must be reported immediately to Athletic Training Staff at Fullerton College so injury can be documented and a claim form can be filed. In order to use the secondary insurance through Fullerton College ALL doctor/facility/office visits must be approved by a Certified Athletic Trainer BEFORE going to appointment to ensure athlete is only going to in-network provider for care. Any failure by athlete to gain prior authorization for doctor/facility regardless of insurance may impact the financial responsibility of athlete.

In-season athletes sustaining sports related injury- HMO patients will be referred back to their primary care physician/network for evaluation and then further treatment and referrals will be based upon their own network standards. (Fullerton College Athletic Accident Insurance will not be used). PPO athletes will be primarily referred to one of our team doctors with the option to use their own primary care or MD of their choice. Athletes with no insurance will have use the Student Insurance act as a primary insurance and must follow the steps above for PPO athlete.

Non-traditional season athletes sustaining sports related injury: Only athletic injuries sustained during an activities class will be seen by the staff and only as time allows without conflicting with in-season athlete care. The athlete must be enrolled in the class to be seen and all referrals will be coordinated through the student health center.

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