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It was a crisp, cool, and sunny morning at Woodward Park in Fresno where the Hornets stood amongst the best in CCCAA State Cross Country Championships. 

Preparation for this meet began back in the summer months and many months later, an accumulation of numerous miles were run, the building of a team commitment and the trust of teammates that each will accept their role and be at their best all came down to this day.    

Eva Bond was a southern section individual finalist. Standing at the starting line and looking across at all the teams represented is a great site. The gun went off and all 155 ladies began their 5K race. Eva got out quick and found her pace to accept the challenge of the park's course, flat with rolling hills in the middle. Her first mile was fast and on pace with a 6:09 time. Bond settled into her pace to accept the hills and then a downhill run to the finish line. She finished in 52nd place with a time of 20:19.  

The men were next getting ready to run the same course except for running the middle part with the hills twice to cover the 4 miles race. The men's team stood on the line focused and waiting for the gun to go off. The Hornets had a great start and as always, the first mile was fast. Settling in on the second mile, the FC grouping has been its strength all year and the Hornets found their pace. After crossing the third-mile mark, it was a downhill run to the finish line. The men started picking up their pace and easily passed runners as every spot counts for the final score. Many Hornets achieved great times as they sprinted across the finish line in the following order for 20th place:

Langley Turrietta 22:08 

Cyrus Burton 22:48 

Steven Castro 22:48 

Jakob Salvas 22:59 

Luis Diaz 23:20 

Trent Snyder 23:24 

Orion Chavatipon 23:26