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The 2021 swim season was shortened considerably by COVID-19 but heading into the Orange Empire Conference Finals the programs have two meets under their belts.  A number of solid times have been recorded in the opening two meets of the season heading into the finals this week at Orange Coast College.

Even though there isn't regional or state finals in 2021, the Orange Empire Conference Finals has long been a preview of what is to come at regional or state championships.  With 22 men's state titles in the past 30 years and 25 women's state titles in the past 36 years, the Orange Empire Conference has long been the standard of excellence in the state.

With only five teams competing this spring, the first two meets were conducted at Golden West College and Orange Coast College.  In the opening meet at Golden West, Orange Coast scored a narrow win over Golden West in women's competition while Saddleback College won on the men's side by a 14-point margin over Golden West.  In meet two at Orange Coast College, the Pirate women ran away with the meet while Saddleback again edged out Cypress, Orange Coast and Golden West is a very tight meet on the men's side.

The following is a list of the top finishes in each event over the first two meets.



W 200 Y Medley Relay (best time by team)
OCC      1:56.78
GWC     2:05.84
FCC       2:06.14
CC        2:14.98

W 200 Free Relay (best time by team)
OCC      1:44.93
FC        1:55.72
GWC    1:57.40
CC        1:58.82

W 400 Y Free Relay (best time by team)
OCC      3:56.33
FC        4:03.93
GWC    4:08.37
CC        4:45.40

W 200 Y Free
Riley Mcgrath               GWC    2:03.94
Journey Werner            OCC      2:04.03
Delaney Lewellyn          OCC      2:05.33
Lauren Bellavia             GWC    2:07.96
Noelle Yamagawa         SC        2:08.52

W 200 Y IM
Riley Mcgrath               GWC    2:22.62
Charley Jackson            FC        2:28.64
Marisol Narvez              CC        2:29.25
Emma Johansen            GWC    2:31.16
Kaitlyn Santala              SC        2:32.01

W 50 Y Free
Sarah Maver                 OCC      25.37
Destiny Hernandez        OCC      26.45
Estelle Zhou                  FC        27.24
Kaitlyn Van Buren         GWC    27.30
Noelle Yamagawa          SC        27.32

W 100 Y Fly      
Sude Yilmazturk               OCC      1:01.18
Alaire Thomas                  OCC      1:07.59
Marisol Narvez                 CC        1:10.38
Isabella Vergolino-Holiday FC     1:14.26
Madison Ainley                GWC    1:14.32

W 100 Y Free
Journey Werner                        OCC      56.32
Delaney Lewellyn          OCC      57.44
Lauren Bellavia             GWC    58.04
Sarah Maver                 OCC      58.24
Yuuri Yoshikawa            OCC      58.57

W 500 Y Free
Riley Mcgrath               GWC    5:38.49
Elizabeth Gendron        GWC    5:57.32
Kaitlyn Santala              SC        5:59.68
Stephanie Offner          GWC    6:21.63
Neida Torres                 FC        6:23.15

W 100 Y Back
Sude Yilmazturk            OCC      1:01.97
Delaney Lewellyn          OCC      1:04.79
Alaire Thomas               OCC      1:05.90
Emma Johansen            GWC    1:07.50
Kayla Yamamoto           OCC      1:08.52

W 100 Y Breast
Yuuri Yoshikawa            OCC      1:11.36
Riley Mcgrath               GWC    1:12.72
Charley Jackson            FC        1:15.53
Marisol Narvez              CC        1:15.82
Yude Milmazturk           OCC      1:16.21


M 200 Y Medley Relay (best time by team)
OCC      1:39.12
GWC    1:42.92
CC        1:43.63
SC        1:46.42
FC        1:46.71

M 200 Y Free Relay (best time by team)
GWC    1:31.21
OCC      1:31.72
SC        1:32.68
FC        1:35.99
CC        1:39.57

M 400 Y Free Relay (best time by team)
OCC      3:18.65
CC        3:21.39
SC        3:25.62
GWC    3:27.26
FC        3:32.77

M 200 Y Free               
Ethan Umpornpuckdi    CC 1:46.51
Roland Mantecon         SC  1:48.32
Luke Venzlaff               OCC 1:50.65
Riley Herbert                SC        1:54.61
Barnabas Vidovics         GWC    1:54.72

M 200 Y IM
Ethan Umpornpuckdi      CC        2:01.13
Marcus Dalija                GWC    2:05.39
Barnabas Vidovics         GWC    2:06.71
Jakob Otte                    OCC      2:09.32
Yughe Bista                   SC        2:11.67

M 50 Y Free
Zachary Sofai                CC        22.00
Rylan Lantz                   GWC    22.34
Dane Howell                  OCC      22.52
Arnaud Parmentier         OCC      22.69
Joshua Boynton             CC        22.84

Story by Tim Bremen